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Local Workforce 

The City of Quinlan has an estimated 1,344 citizens

of working age (over age 16). Of this subset: • 54.2% are employed • 4.8% are unemployed. The remaining percentage of citizens are not in the labor force

(e.g., retired or student). The highest levels of unemployment within the labor force are in the 16 to 19 years age group, with nearly 62 percent unemployment in Quinlan, compared to nearly 22 percent statewide. Rates for all other age groups are lower than the state rate.


Median Household Income in the City of Quinlan,

is $35,385.


Commute Time Average to work for residents is

35.5 minutes.

Class of workers.PNG

Population within a
25 mile radius. 

2020               2025 Est. 
425,819K       498,036K

Link to Demographics Report

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